Technical and industrial ceramics

We are producing wide range of different products from Aluminum Oxide ceramics (Al2O3), Zirconium Oxide ceramics (ZrO2) and composites (Al2O3 + ZrO2) and (Al2O3 + TiO2)

Metal ceramic tubes and elbows

Metal ceramic elbows and tubes lined with ceramics are the right solution for pneumatic and hidraulic transport of very abrasive materials. Large surfaces exposed to high abrasion, are lined with ceramic mosaics or plates that are tailor-fitted to the specific product.

Ceramic tubes and insulators for thermocouples

Closed and open ceramic tubes are made from different materials ; C 530, C 610 and C 799 and in different sizes for all types of thermocouples - Insulators and pearls with different number of holes in various dimensions are produced in maximal length up to 2060 mm.

Ceramics for paper industry

In contemporary paper production all paper machines are difficult to imagine without ceramic foils for dewatering and ceramic cones for purifying of input material.

Heat exchanging elements

We produce two different products, which are used as heat exchanging elements: Ceramic honeycomb filters and Catalyst supporting balls. Ceramic honeycomb filters can have different sizes and can be from different materials. Ceramic balls are made from Al2O3 ≥ 99% and have different sizes.

Anchors for fixing insulation in industrial furnaces

We supply all kinds of elements for fixing insulation in industrial furnaces. Depending on the temperature in the furnace, we recommend various elements for fixing (ceramic or fire-resistant material - steel)

Mill lining and grinding media

A combination of ceramic tiles for mill lining and ceramic elements for grinding (balls or cylinders) ensure a very short time of the grinding and at the same time a long lifetime of the mill and of grinding elements.

Extruding tools for brick production

Brick extruding tool with ceramic cores and frame has two times longer lifetime than hard chrome coated metal tool.

Nozzles for welding and sand blasting

TIG and MIG welding is unthinkable without ceramic welding nozzles. We produce all types of welding and sand blasting nozzles.

Ceramic seals and pistons

We produce wide range of different ceramic products for water pumps; gaskets, axes, bearings and pistons. Pistons are made only from ceramics or in metal - ceramic combination.

Ignition electrodes for gas

We produce all types of igniters for household appliances, boilers and also igniters for industrial boilers.

Ceramics for wire and textile industry

We produce ceramic cones, for wire pulling, from different materials (95% Al2O3, 99,7% Al2O3 and ZrO2). We have a wide range of carriers for textile industry.

Copper cored electrodes and insulators

We are producing all kinds of copper cored electrodes with different design and material content. Our insulators are produced with technology of isostatic pressing. They can be glazed or unglazed.


We supply all kinds of different special and standard tools from HARD METAL and special steels.

Modern materials

We make industrial ceramics from high quality materials.

Aluminium Oxide

Zirconium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide
Zirconium Oxide

Aluminium Oxide
Titanium Oxide

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