Most exposed parts (to wearnes) of extruding tools are made of ceramic:

- Standard 96% Al2O3 - Composite with chrom-oxide for heavy working conditions - Other better materials based on Al2O3 according to customers request

Frame plates and cores are grinded after sintering. With that technology we achieve high precision in thickness of walls. Frames and cores are also protected with metal plates 2 mm thick in order to protect from damaging during manipulation with tool. Frame plates are made 20 or 30 mm thick, or according to the customer request.

Ceramic wear parts have the following characteristic:

  • Life time is 5 times longer in comparison to metal parts
  • Hardness is about 80 Hrc (tempered steel max. 65 Hrc)
  • Very small abrasion resistance and because of that you can save electrical energy and get better quality
  • Long retention of thickness of walls and weight of bricks and result is saving clay and energy (fuel)

Metal parts are made of high alloyed steel that are thermally processed or »Hardox«. A part of metal elements is hard chromed according to special requests with the aim to achieve life time of core holders.

Extrusion tools are produced with inner and external brakes for flow of clay.

  • Frame plates
  • Ceramic cores
  • Metal basket (core bar) with a template for montage
    • Extrusion tools are produced with inner and external brakes for flow of clay.

We execute independently or in cooperation with brick manufacturers all details of tools that improve production of bricks with the goal of reducing cracks and better flow of clay.

We perform linings of other parts (ex:feed screws) with ceramic plates with a goal of extending their lifetime

  • - Short delivery term
  • - Tool lifetime is twice longer than our competition tools.