Heat exchanging elements

We can not imagine modern furnaces without good heat exchanging elements. They save up to 40% of energy, which is used for preheating of the fresh air that comes to the furnace. In addition to energy saving, honeycomb shaped filters and porous ceramic balls are also good removers (filters) of the dirt, which is a result of energy source combustion in the furnace. Both filters and ceramic balls can be cleaned with water and this way their life time is longer.

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We make heat exchangers with different sizes of honeycombs, according to customer's request.

For better airflow on heat exchangers, we can make end steps with hight 5mm.

Different shapes of filters are used in different branches of chemical industry. Shapes of filters can be adjusted to customer's request.

Scheme below shows working process of the furnace with installed heat exchangers


Dimension Quantity of channels Wall thickness Outside Wall thickness Channel Width Void section Weight piece
150x150x300 13x13 1.5mm±0.1 1.7mm±0.15 9.8-10mm 70% 3.8-4.8kg
150x150x300 15x15 1.4mm±0.1 1.6mm±0.15 8.3-8.5mm 69% 3.8-4.8kg
150x150x300 25x25 1.0mm±0.1 1.2mm±0.15 4.8-5.0mm 67% 3.8-4.8kg
150x150x300 40x40 0.7mm±0.1 1.1mm±0.15 2.9-3.1mm 64% 4.7-5.7kg
150x150x300 43x43 0.65mm±0.1 1.1mm±0.15 2.7-2.9mm 62% 4.8-5.8kg
150x150x300 50x50 0.6mm±0.1 0.8mm±0.15 2.3-2.5mm 61% 4.8-5.8kg
150x150x300 60x60 0.45mm±0.1 0.8mm±0.15 1.9-2.1mm 63.4% 4.7-5.7kg


Charachteristics Cordierite-Mullite Cordierite Mullite Corundum-Mullite
SiO2% 33-45 45-55 25-35 20-30
Al2O3 % 38-50 30-40 52-65 65-75
MgO % 3-10 8-13 - -
Fe2O3 % <1,5 <1,5 <1,5 <1,5
K2O + Na2O <1,2 <1,2 <1,2 <1,2
Thermal expansion coefficient(10-6/K-1) <4 <4 <5 <8
Specific c Heat(J/Kg*K) 800-900 800-950 900-1000 950-1100
Working Temperature <1350 <1300 <1450 <1500


Ceramic balls with high share of Al2O3≥99% are used as catalysts in chemical industry or are used in heat exchangers.


Al2O3 Si2O CaO TiO2 MgO2 FeO3 NaO2
>=99,1% <=0,15% <=0,1% <=0,1% <=0,1% <=0,1% <=0,15%


Bulk Density (gr/cm3) 3,35-3,70
Packing Densitiy (ton/m3) 2,1-2,2
Hardness (Mohs) 9
E-Modulus (Gpa) 300-330
Specific Heat; 30°C-100°C (Jkg.K) 820-1030
Thermal Conductivity; 30°C-100°C (W/M.K) 19-30
Coeficient of Thermal Expansion 30-600°C (10•К-1) 7-9
Heat Resistence Up to 1680°C

DIMENSIONS OF BALLS: we produce different sizes of CATALYST subPORTING BEDS from Ø 3 to Ø 60 mm. PACKING: packed in bags with 25 kg or big bags with 1 ton.

Here are some basic reasons why you should use our heat exchanging elements:

  • - Because we produce ceramic honeycomb filters with different dimensions and from different materials, to satisfy customer’s requests.
  • - Because we have ceramic balls made from high quality material Al2O3 ≥ 99% Al2O3.
  • - We have good prices and we keep our goods on stock, so delivery time is very short.
  • - We advise and help our customers to choose the correct filling for heat exchangers.