Ignition electrodes for gas

Our high quality ceramics allows us to make high voltage igniters. We produce all kinds of electrodes from various materials: INOX, KANTAL A or D, NICKEL ALLOY NiCr5MnSi. Isostatic press and injection moulding technologies enable the possibility to make all kinds of igniters, including the most demanding ones.

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  • - Production of all types of igniters
  • - Short delivery time
  • - Industrial igniters are our specialty

Igniters types PB are made as seperable and inseperable dimensions and shapes under buyers request. We produce ceramic insulators vith diameters from fi 5 - 20 mm. We produce central electrodes of NiCr5MnSi material with diameters fi1,88; fi2,22; fi2,51; and fi3,2 mm. Kanthal diameter 2-6 mm.

Igniters type F are produced with thread M14 × 1,25 and M18 × 1,5 mm. Central electrode is made of: NiCr5MnSi material with diameters fi1,88; fi2,2; fi2,51 and Fi3,2 mm. Inox X15Cr13 under DIN 17006 with diameters from 2 - 6 mm. Chanel A and D with diameters from 1,5 - 6 mm.

Igniters type P are used for gas-stoves. Central electrode is made from NiCr5MnSi material with diameters fi1,88; fi2,22 and fi2,51.