High quality products

Technical and industrial ceramics

The technologies of isostatic and mechanic pressing, technology of extruding and technology of injection molding are allowing us to produce different parts from high quality ceramics. Our products can be used in all kinds of industries...ETC. If you have problems with high abrasion, high temperatures, chemicals, acids, bases, etc our ceramics are the right solution.

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Metal ceramic tubes and elbows

All problems that arise due to excessive wear out (abrasion) during transport of various materials are solved if transport surfaces are lined with high quality ceramics. It is difficult to imagine contemporary pneumatic transports without tubes and elbows lined with ceramics. Large surfaces of various forms are successfully lined with ceramic mosaics and special ceramic tiles.

Ceramic mosaics and tiles are successfully fitted to surfaces that are exposed to a large rate of abrasion with the help of special adhesives (epoxy glue) or by mechanical fixing.

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Ceramic tubes and insulators for thermocouples

Our flexible equipment enables us wide range of various products; tubes and insulators for needs of thermocouple producers.
We produce ceramic tubes and insulators from standard materials; C 530, C 610, C 799 but also from special materials according to buyers demand. Closed ceramic tubes are made from diameter 2 mm up to 50 mm with length up to max 2030 mm.
We can offer You wide assortiment of ceramic isolators, starting from smallest pearls up to isolators with length 2060mm.

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Ceramics for paper industry

We produce all types of ceramic segments for instalation of dewatering foil. Segments are made by isostatic press technology which enables high quality.
Our programme offers ceramic cleaners in different shapes and sizes. All these products are made from Aluminum Oxide (Al203) and Zirkonium Oxide (ZrO2)

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Heat exchanging elements

We produce two different products, which are used as heat exchanging elements:

  • Ceramic honeycomb filters
  • Catalyst supporting balls

Ceramic honeycomb filters can have different sizes and can be from different materials. Ceramic balls are made from Al2O3 ≥ 99% and have different sizes.

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Anchors for fixing insulation in industrial furnaces

Modern furnaces need to be equipped with high-quality components for insulation fixing.
At high temperatures ceramic components are used for fixing, at lower temperatures all components are made from fire-resistant steel. In our catalogue are shown different types of elements for insulation fixing. We also produce non-standard items according to customers requirement.

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Mill lining and grinding media

We produce all kinds of mill linings that are made from various materials: 92% Al2O3, 95% Al2O3, 99,7% Al2O3. Our ceramic lining has very high quality and is adjusted to design of the mill.
Our high quality materials 95% Al2O3 and 99,7% Al2O3 allow us to use smaller thickness of ceramic linning, resulting in useful mill volume increase. Our ceramic balls and cylinders are made using isostatic press techology, which guarantees for high quality.

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Extruding tools for brick production

We produce all types of tools for brick industry with ceramic cores and frames.
Metal basket has double hard chroming, which assures longest lifetime at the moment. Ceramic material quality for cores and frames is determined according to clay abrasiveness which is used for brick production.

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Nozzles for welding and sand blasting

Welding and sand blasting nozzles are made by isostatic press technology, which enables us high quality degree. We produce nozzles with and without threads, standard nozzles and nozzles according to buyers demand. Welding nozzles are made individually as inserts or as part of metal ceramic set.

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Ceramic seals and pistons

Using high technology of isostatic and mechanic press and different ceramic materials (95% Al203, 99,7% Al203 and Zr02) we have the possibility to make high quality products for water pumps.
We have very good final treatment (polishing), where we can achieve surface quality Ra <0,2μ.
Our ceramic gaskets, axes,pistons and bearings are very competitive with the price and quality in world market.

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Ignition electrodes for gas

Our high quality ceramics allows us to make high voltage igniters. We produce all kinds of electrodes from various materials: INOX, KANTAL A or D, NICKEL ALLOY NiCr5MnSi. Isostatic press and injection moulding technologies enable the possibility to make all kinds of igniters, including the most demanding ones.

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Ceramics for wire and textile industry

Ceramic cones for wire pulling (reduction) are made by isostatic press. They can be individual or in a metal – ceramic combination. Carriers for textile industry can be in different shapes, according to buyers demand. We get surface quality by polishing and drum blasting, which provides usage for the finest fabrics.

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Copper cored electrodes and insulators

Copper cored electrodes are made from standard material or INCONEL material. We are producing electrodes with diameter from Ø2,0mm to Ø3,0mm with different length and also all kinds of insulators for spark plugs (glazed and unglazed). We can also offer complete spark plug core (finished insulator, electrode, hermetic, and terminal nut).

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We supply all kinds of different special and standard tools from HARD METAL and special steels.

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