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All our ceramic products are made of high quality material.

  • Aluminium oxide Al203 ceramics is made in different qualities, from Steatit C 221 to C 799 ceramics with high purity 99,7% Al203.
  • Zirconium oxide ceramic is made in two variants:
    • stabilisied with magnesium ZrO2+MgO
    • stabilised with ytrium ZrO2+Y2O3
  • We also produce composit ceramics Al203+ZrO2 in different ratio of these two materials, as also composit Al203+TiO2 (Aluminium Titanate)

Due to our technology for production (isostatic press, mechanic press, extruding, injection moulding or casting) we developed wide range of various ceramic products that are used in different industry branches.

Our products have following features:

  • High resistance on abrasion
  • Resistance on high temperature
  • High hardness
  • Resistance on chemicals (base, acids...)
  • Good electro-isolation characteristics
  • Low electrical conductivity

Technology process

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AVTO G d.o.o., Šlandrova ulica 4, 1231 Ljubljana, Slovenia

info@avtog.com +386 1 237 35 10